What is BOB?

Bob is a device that allows the washing of the colon (specifically the rectum and sigmoid) in a practical and simple way even at home.

Why would I need washing with Bob?

Washing with Bob cleans quickly the rectum and, using the special pipes, even the last part of the colon (sigmoid colon and rectum), removing the fecal matter. The perfect anorectal cleansing frees the body from toxins present in the old feces. It is ideal for people who suffer from chronic constipation, bloating or flatulence.

Which are the main differences between Bob and an enema?

There are many substantial differences between Bob and a classic enema.

For example, in fact, with Bob:

• you can perform the wash comfortably seated on the toilet, and an easy to use top quality device, as you can evacuate during washing without having to move or stop washing;

• connecting to the faucet, it is possible to adjust the pressure and the temperature of the water flow;

• you can use, if you want, more water than an enema because it connects directly to the tap, allowing a deeper wash.

Why should I buy BOB and not another system for in-home intestinal washing?

BOB is UNIQUE because it provides a number of devices and solutions which make it really INNOVATIVE.
In particular:
• valve for AUTOMATIC control of water pressure (no need to worry about any pressure peaks);
• the special filter which is mounted to the tap ONLY THE FIRST TIME (you don't need to disassemble and reassemble the filter to the tap every time you want to make an intestinal washing);
• modeling tube that fits the needs of the user and makes it very comfortable to use (the position of the pipe is not rigid and follows the movements of the user);
• support with suction cups that makes fast assembly / disassembly and it is adaptable to all types of toilets.

Is Bob suitable for everyone or only in specific cases?

Bob can be used by everyone.

It not recommended to use Bob in the case of: acute inflammation of the intestine; intestinal bleeding, leaking from the anus; pregnancy; inflammation of the intestinal tract in acute phase zone appendicitis; recent surgery of the colon, sigmoid colon or rectum; tumors of the colon, sigmoid colon or rectum; hemorrhoids, bleeding anal fissures; heart failure; epilepsy and psycho-somatic syndromes; arteriovenous, abdominal and thoracic pathologies.

 It is advisable to consult your doctor before using Bob.

Is Bob is also useful for personal anal cleansing and anal intercourse?

Bob is also ideal for a proper anal hygiene, which is very important both as a practice of personal hygiene and to ensure the hygiene of both partners during anal intercourse. Lavages with Bob ensures an adequate filling pressure, a complete safety of use and thorough cleansing.

Is BOB also suitable for immobilized people, bedridden and/or in the case of fecal impaction?

BOB is also indicated in the case of people immobilized, bedridden and in the case of fecal impaction. It is advisable to consult your doctor to evaluate your own situation.