Is the tap water suitable for washing? In the case in which the tap water is not of good quality, how can I use Bob?

The water used for washing with Bob must be clean (normal drinking water supplied by the domestic water supply).

In the case in which the tap water is not of good quality, you should use Bob double membrane filter which retains impurities in suspension larger than 1.2 micron.

How can I connect the same Bob device into several apartments or bathrooms?

Just buy a Bob spare filter to assemble on the bathroom faucet where you want to use Bob.

Can the same Bob device be used by more people?

Yes, of course replacing the pipes that have been used.

Can I use Bob traveling?

Certainly, thanks to “Addy” the quick the universal adapter included in the "Travel" package that allows you to connect Bob to the tap without having to remove the filter. It is particularly useful, therefore, when you are out from home, either for a day or for longer periods.



Can I connect to Bob shower hose?

Yes, the connection is available via a multifunction shower connector that allows both to connect to Bob shower while using it shower normally, and having also a second jet of water!

Can I connect BOB to the shower hose?

Yes, it is available Multi-function joint for shower that allows you both to connect BOB to the shower hose and to use the shower normally, having also a second water jet!