With Bob you can perform a proper anal hygiene: washing with Bob cleans quickly and effectively the rectum.

Furthermore, using the special rectal pipes, you can also clean up the last section of the colon (sigmoid colon and rectum),removed from fecal matter.


It is ideal for a proper anal hygiene, which is a very important practice and to ensure the hygiene of both partners during anal sex, and for people who suffer from chronic constipation, bloating or flatulence.

Washing with Bob provides adequate filling pressure, a complete safety of use and thoroughly cleansing..


Bob is different from classic enema as:

• it is possible to perform the anal washing even without the use of cannulas (therefore in a non-invasive manner)

• you can wash, comfortably seated on the toilet, ensuring top quality ease of use as you can evacuate during washing without having to move or stop the lavage;

connecting to the faucet, it is possible to adjust the pressure and the temperature of the water flow;

• you can use, if you want, more water than an enema because it connects directly to the tap, allowing a deeper wash.


With Bob you can perform a proper anal hygiene:


The use of Bob is absolutely not recommended in case of: proctitis, enteritis (inflammation of the small and large intestine and anus); acute abdominal diseases; pregnancy; bleeding hemorrhoids and anal fissures; perforated colorectal cancer; colon rectal cancers; rectal bleeding; melena; recent surgery of colon, rectum or anus; Congestive heart/respiratory failure; epilepsy and psychosomatic syndromes; diarrhea; metabolic syndromes; arteriovenous pathologies; diverticular disease in active; phase; nausea or vomiting; serious dehydration; prostate surgery. And in the case of diseases that requires no special precautions, it is always advisable to consult your doctor before using the device.


Bob is not and does not replace colon hydrotherapy device.